About Me

About me


Owner & Operator Pink Hill Media

David was born in a small town in Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. It wasn’t until seventeen years ago that he made the decision to move to Australia with his family and settled in the South East of Melbourne, Victoria, where Pink Hill Media is now based.

David was fortunate to have grown up with photography and camera’s and had hands on teaching by his late father who’s professionalism, knowledge and image capturing was fundamental in what makes David a talented photographer today.

To further enhance David’s knowledge he completed a diploma in photography and photo imaging which allowed David to take his work to the next level and incorporate his newly found skill base into all forms of photography and videography.

Experiential knowledge has been pivotal to understanding how small businesses work, David has not only worked with some of the big players in business but is himself an award winning chef and has worked all over the world, one highlight was working in the Savoy Hotel London.

Having owned and operated a number of small businesses David is very aware of the hard work that is involved in the day to day running of a business and how good photographic content can boost a business and improve traction.

Today, Pink Hill Media provides a wide range of photography and videography services including but not limited to;

Food, Property, Product, Personal and Commercial

Pink Hill Media’s mission is to provide: Outstanding Service, Enjoyable Experience, Photographs you will Love


Pink Hill Media has a diverse and ever expanding portfolio across a range of commercial sectors.

Aiming to tap into different genres and produce images that tell a story.